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Practical Components

proDERM has offered educational session ever since 2001. Encouraged by an overwhelming feedback of the first attendees, who in particular appreciated the practical components, further workshops were offered in the fields of wound healing, skin aging and statistics.

With the foundation of the 'proDERM Academy' in 2014 we now offer a permanent session calendar with at least three events a year. In our sessions international recognized experts present latest topics in due consideration of practical aspects. The attendees benefit from the networking character of our sessions, which we support with a limited delegate size and an attractive social program.

Hamburg is known as being the gateway to the world. However for the proDERM educational sessions the world is a guest in Hamburg: In terms of speakers as well as attendees, who would like to exchange and simply learn more. We are happy to welcoming you here.

What we offer

All educational events of the proDERM-Academy are strictly limited to a certain number of participants. This is to ensure that every participant has an optimized and personalized learning experience. In addition we realize that the interaction among participants and between participants and the faculty is an important and integral part of a successful learning environment. At all proDERM-Academy events there is always enough time for discussion during the sessions as well as ample opportunity for networking during breaks and the dinner.


The most intensive and interactive format. The content is highly structured. Ideal for novices and anyone who wants to get a comprehensive understanding in a particular field. Depending on the subject the number of participants is limited between 12-24.


Intensive coverage of a particular subject. May involve multi-disciplinary aspects. It is suitable both for novices to get a head-start into a field as well for individuals with professional experience in the field to get an update on recent advancements. Limit of participants for workshop is between 24-35.


In this format a particular subject is covered most broadly and extensively. Current subjects are covered by a faculty of experts, usually one speaker per subject. There is still sufficient time for discussion. Limit of delegates is between 35-70.

About proDERM

proDERM is an international leading Phase I/IIa CRO focusing on claim support, tolerability and safety testing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, and food supplements.